It is no secret that MBA’s are one of the most desired degrees among the youth of the country, mainly due to its relevance and prominence in the present day market. While there are scores of individuals who are looking forward to pursuing an MBA, very few of them could are opting for the right programs without sacrificing their valuable work experience. In this highly competitive market, where each and every day of work experience matters, there happens to be no MBA program to balance things out. But like always, there is a beacon of hope from Symbiosis International University to cater to the specific needs of the market.
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is one of the few management institutes in the country that ensures individuals from various walks of life can realize their dream of becoming managers and entrepreneurs which otherwise would not have happened. Started in 1993, SIMS has garnered great acclaim among the other business schools in India with its top-notch education facilities, an underlying pillar of the Symbiosis International University. The executive MBA in Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is one of the few management programs that ensures a holistic development of the candidates to make them ready for the growing challenges of the market. With an ISO 9001:2008 certification, SIMS stand among the three managements institutes that are certified in the entire western India.
Helping people from all walks of life including housewives, business executives, budding managers, SIMS has brought about a tradition of part-time MBA to India. Nestled in a serene environment in Pune, SIMS ensures its students are well versed and prepared for the real-world challenges in the future. By providing residential accommodation, the institute ensures students can concentrate on their overall development which is a missing trait among other management institutes. Along with providing top class infrastructure and exemplary education, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies offers great placement opportunities to students with a very rich base of recruiters ranging from Bajaj Allianz, Tata Motors to Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse.
With the executive MBA in Symbiosis, you sure can be a position to make a difference in the world of management, and be among the brightest minds in the country. Although an MBA program is an onerous degree, students can be relieved thanks to the numerous guest lectures from renowned industry professionals who train the students to tackle real-world problems in the most articulate manner.

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SIMS – The One top Management Institute For Part Time MBA in Pune!

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SIMS: The Executive MBA Program

Getting back to learning is never easy especially after you have lived by the rules of the corporate life. Now imagine working according to the 9 to 5 schedule of an office and then getting back to your MBA classrooms. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? But there are several professionals who undergo this dilemma and end up losing out on the opportunities that an executive MBA qualification can present.

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies offers executive MBA programs specifically designed to suit the needs of executives yearning to upgrade their qualification and become eligible for better opportunities. Unlike other B-schools, the SIMS executive MBA program is designed taking into consideration the various needs of professionals.

For instance, the training focuses on advanced concepts. After all, executives already know the basics really well. And so the course focuses more on the advanced technology as well as changes that the domain has witnessed.

Additionally, there are many professionals who take up a job soon after their graduation. And in the race to gain experience, they miss out on the opportunity to add a qualification to their resume. The executive MBA by SIMS presents an excellent opportunity to all such students.

In addition to a curriculum that meets the demands of the executives, the program is conducted on weekends. This means that aspirants are free to pursue their job on weekdays and can simultaneously pursue their academic interests on weekends.

This is an advantage that the SIMS program offers over the other executive MBA in Pune. At the end of the course, a participant gains experience, as well as qualification and therefore, becomes eligible for better opportunities in the corporate world.

For professionals, the executive MBA in Pune by SIMS offers an excellent opportunity to learn and gradually become eligible for more rewarding career growth opportunities. Admissions to the executive MBA program happens through direct application. Interested applicants need to submit their duly filled application to the SIMS office. The admission committee will invite shortlisted participants for personal interview ensuring that the process remains fair as well as transparent giving interested students a genuine chance.

To know more about the executive MBA program, please visit

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SIMS: Offering The Best Executive MBA Program In Pune!

In this present day and age, Indian universities have the infrastructure and the reputation to stand among the top in the world. Hosting innumerable universities with our rapid expansion in the economy are just two of the many reasons India can be considered as a superpower of the 21st century. While we can go on and on about how dominant as a country we are becoming, it is essential we stress us our emphasis on how Symbiosis International University is on the verge of becoming the best Business school in this dynamic country.
The highly reputed university has spread its branches in the fields of management, engineering, law, computer studies, health & biomedical sciences, media & communication design, and humanities & social sciences. With its topnotch faculty members and impeccable campuses, it is a fact that Symbiosis International University stands among the finest educational institutions in the country.
While there are many facets that make a Business school stand out, Symbiosis has always maintained a niche strategy to grow up in the field of management. With its student-driven approach, the Symbiosis Institute of Management Sciences ensures an enriching experience for every individual.
With its flagship courses like the Executive MBA, individuals are exposed to the best of the management world right from Pune. The program is so crafted to ensure individuals get the chance to add a valuable qualification to their resume without actually losing any professional experience. It does not come as a surprise to know the frantic pace in which industries are growing, and how important it is for individuals to be adept with tools that are required to challenge these real-world scenarios.
The main reason for behind the exemplary success of this course is the curriculum that has been developed in conjunction with the feedback received from the industry. This ensures that the individuals are trained with a focus on the trends in the industry.
In the world of management, SIMS provides individuals with the best practices and experiences that assure they become leaders in the management world. Like every Symbiosis campus, SIMS has an expansive campus that provides individuals with every opportunity to nurture their personalities for greater good. Among all the advantages discussed, the one that stands out is it placement options. It goes without saying, that by being a part of SIMS, each individual will be exposed to the best placement opportunities that are available for management students.
With courses like the executive MBA and part-time MBA, individuals can have the best of both the worlds. With energetic faculty members in a surrounding that favors innovation of ideas, individuals strive to build their own goal towards excellence.

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Executive MBA is fast emerging as a popular choice for many participants. For starters, the program is so designed that it gives you a chance to add to your resume and qualification without actually losing any experience. Additionally, the industries today are growing at a frantic pace and the need of the hour are professionals with required training to rise up to the challenging scenario. The executive MBA in Pune by reputed institutions like Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is able to address this need. In addition to the teaching by industry experts, the curriculum of the program is developed in accordance to the feedback received from the industry. This guarantees that the training being imparted is in accordance to the latest requirements in the industry. After all, this will ensure that the participants get the required career boost that they have been yearning for.

An executive MBA can actually help you grow your career faster provided you are able to use your degree wisely. So, here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your executive MBA program:

Choose a good program: An executive MBA in Symbiosis Pune holds value not just because of its training but also because of the reputation that the institution has in the industry. Always remember that your executive MBA program is like an investment that you make to improve your career. Choose the right program to invest and you will reap rich returns.

Build your resume: A qualification is important but it is of no use if you are not able to present it rightly on your resume. Whilst pursuing your executive MBA program, invest time to build your resume. This will help you apply for bigger and better career opportunities.

Strengthen your network: Executive MBA program is an excellent opportunity to build your network. For starters, there are participants coming from different walks of life. Additionally, institutions like SIMS invite industry experts to teach specific modules. These experts give you an insight into the industry as well as the way of working. As aspirants, you can build your network with them and use it to encash opportunities later.

Apply more: An executive MBA makes you eligible for various career opportunities, all you need to do is apply at the right time. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities around you and ensure that you make the most of them.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your career the much needed boost with SIMS executive MBA program today.

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SIMS: The hub for best in class Executive MBA in Pune!

In this present day and age, you rarely see an Indian university that doesn’t stand among the top universities in the world. The country is now a host to innumerable universities that boosts our standards against the mighty American or European universities. Assisting this fact is the rapid expansion of Indian economy among the other superpowers of the globe. Most of you will agree to the fact that India’s meteoric rise as a superpower deserves an article for itself, but here we shall tell you how Symbiosis institutions have come on top of their game in every sector.
When one is discussing the top universities in the country, Symbiosis International University is bound to be spoken out, thanks to its impeccable reputation. The institution has led its branches in management, engineering, law, computer studies, health & biomedical sciences, media & communication design, and humanities & social sciences. With its experienced faculty members and scenic campuses, everyone agrees to the fact that Symbiosis International University can be regarded among the best universities in the country.
Symbiosis is profoundly known for introducing new and niche courses that meet the current requirements and demands of the society. The Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies has always been considered as one of the premier B-Schools of the country. Known for its student-driven approach, the Symbiosis Institute of Management Sciences stands tall in ensuring an enriching experience for every individual.
Aimed at providing flagship courses in the form of Executive MBA for mainly defense personnel, the course is regarded as one of the best part time MBA in Pune that you can get. By being in the heart of Pune, the course and the campus are designed to make every individual feel ‘home away from home.’
For anyone wishing to excel in the world of management, SIMS offers the best program with experiences that ensure one becomes a leader in the world of management. The expansive and beautiful campus with the best in class professors provides individuals with every opportunity to improve their personality. The institution also promises to support students in becoming innovators by giving them suitable resources in every form necessary.
Through the executive MBA and part-time MBA, Symbiosis ensures its position among the top management institutions in the country. With this executive MBA in Pune, one is assured of the energetic approach in teaching which also subjects the students to guest lectures from renowned industry professionals. Through the above-mentioned details, one can be assured that to pave their own path to becoming a leader in the world of management.

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When should you pursue an EMBA?

An executive MBA (EMBA) program is an excellent choice for those looking to make the next big move in their career. The program is for professionals who are keen to add an academic qualification to their CV and in turn, increase their growth opportunities. There are many colleges which offer an executive MBA in Pune and SIMS, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, is one of them.
SIMS definitely stands out for its state of the art academic infrastructure. As part of their executive MBA in Symbiosis Pune, they give participants a chance to gain excellent exposure as well as training that can make a big difference in their career.
Being associated with the Symbiosis group, SIMS adheres to the principle of providing avant garde education and training through its executive MBA program. This knowledge equips aspiring managers to accelerate their career growth by empowering them with skills as well as knowledge.

Identifying the Dilemma
One of the major issues that various aspiring professionals with an interest in executive MBA in Pune are likely to face is regarding the right time to pursue the EMBA program. If you are a working professional, who has been struggling with similar doubts, the guidance by SIMS can surely give you a better clarity.
Ideally, learning is never age bound. But, there is always a fear that what happens if you pursue the EMBA later. To contradict the same, there are many who prefer to gain decent work experience before they can actually take up an executive MBA. After all, work experience does count!
Too soon or too late?
First things first, the exact time to pursue an Executive MBA is closely linked to the type of B School that you are targeting. For instance, reputed B schools like SIMS always insist on relevant work experience or industry exposure. So, it’s better to work for a few years and then aim for an EMBA admission.

Are you a leader?
Now, a leader does not have to simply lead the pack. He has to lead and work, as the situation demands. This is the type of exposure that you can only get from working in the corporate sector. And this is one of the many eligibility criterias that the admission to an EMBA program would require you to clear.

Do you need an EMBA?
Many a times, professionals end up following a mob blindly. If everyone in your office is getting ready for an EMBA, does not mean that you should also pursue it. The simple thing to remember is that think carefully if you actually need an EMBA for your chosen career path.
Remember that an executive MBA will help only if you are interested in the managerial aspects. When you are at this stage, you need to plan your career and avoid taking random decisions.

For more details on the executive MBA program offered by SIMS, you can log in to

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Importance Of Executive MBA In Real World

However, in real world, there is one more thing that employers value above all these characteristics: soft skills. As a student or a professional planning to go for an Executive MBA in Pune or any other part of India, you should know what exactly to learn when you are devoting a substantial part of your earnings and time to a sole purpose.
The best thing about soft skills is that these can be applied across a wide selection of professional places irrespective of their nature. These are in high demand in almost every sector and Business schools across the world have been trying to inculcate these qualities in their students. B-schools offering EMBA like to work in coordination with the expectations and changing demands of corporate sector. A wide selection of electives, one-to-one tutorials, and compulsory modules are some of the basic attributes of this course. All these form foundation for some of the important qualities that are required for the executives – including communication skills, ability to adapt under new conditions, self-awareness, and leadership.
The regular work-environment for EMBA students is a suitable setting under which they can acquire new skills in practice. The instant implementation of such qualities also permit students to sharpen their skills in the rapidly evolving corporate world. EMBA also grants students with openness, adaptability, and flexibility toward creativity and innovations. These very characteristics are most valued by the employers, therefore, it is advised that students should gear up to adapt such qualities in their everyday lives. Business schools are also seen encouraging their students to select their course projects closely related to the tasks they deal with in their jobs.
In India, there are very few B-schools that are offering Executive MBA to working people. Among them, it is Hyderabad and Pune that are offering E-MBA to working professionals. Symbiosis, for example, is well reputed for its EMBA program. There is a wide chunk of professionals who aspire to pursue Executive MBA from Symbiosis, Pune. The college holds a high reputation for offering world-level exposure and other related aspects to students. And the best part is the program is also available to students who wish to go for a part-time MBA in Pune due to job constraints. You can take classes as per your comfort level here; options are offered to those planning to take regular classes as well as those who wish to take classes over weekend.