It is no secret that MBA’s are one of the most desired degrees among the youth of the country, mainly due to its relevance and prominence in the present day market. While there are scores of individuals who are looking forward to pursuing an MBA, very few of them could are opting for the right programs without sacrificing their valuable work experience. In this highly competitive market, where each and every day of work experience matters, there happens to be no MBA program to balance things out. But like always, there is a beacon of hope from Symbiosis International University to cater to the specific needs of the market.
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is one of the few management institutes in the country that ensures individuals from various walks of life can realize their dream of becoming managers and entrepreneurs which otherwise would not have happened. Started in 1993, SIMS has garnered great acclaim among the other business schools in India with its top-notch education facilities, an underlying pillar of the Symbiosis International University. The executive MBA in Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is one of the few management programs that ensures a holistic development of the candidates to make them ready for the growing challenges of the market. With an ISO 9001:2008 certification, SIMS stand among the three managements institutes that are certified in the entire western India.
Helping people from all walks of life including housewives, business executives, budding managers, SIMS has brought about a tradition of part-time MBA to India. Nestled in a serene environment in Pune, SIMS ensures its students are well versed and prepared for the real-world challenges in the future. By providing residential accommodation, the institute ensures students can concentrate on their overall development which is a missing trait among other management institutes. Along with providing top class infrastructure and exemplary education, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies offers great placement opportunities to students with a very rich base of recruiters ranging from Bajaj Allianz, Tata Motors to Deloitte, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse.
With the executive MBA in Symbiosis, you sure can be a position to make a difference in the world of management, and be among the brightest minds in the country. Although an MBA program is an onerous degree, students can be relieved thanks to the numerous guest lectures from renowned industry professionals who train the students to tackle real-world problems in the most articulate manner.

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SIMS – The One top Management Institute For Part Time MBA in Pune!


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