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SIMS: The Executive MBA Program

Getting back to learning is never easy especially after you have lived by the rules of the corporate life. Now imagine working according to the 9 to 5 schedule of an office and then getting back to your MBA classrooms. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? But there are several professionals who undergo this dilemma and end up losing out on the opportunities that an executive MBA qualification can present.

Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies offers executive MBA programs specifically designed to suit the needs of executives yearning to upgrade their qualification and become eligible for better opportunities. Unlike other B-schools, the SIMS executive MBA program is designed taking into consideration the various needs of professionals.

For instance, the training focuses on advanced concepts. After all, executives already know the basics really well. And so the course focuses more on the advanced technology as well as changes that the domain has witnessed.

Additionally, there are many professionals who take up a job soon after their graduation. And in the race to gain experience, they miss out on the opportunity to add a qualification to their resume. The executive MBA by SIMS presents an excellent opportunity to all such students.

In addition to a curriculum that meets the demands of the executives, the program is conducted on weekends. This means that aspirants are free to pursue their job on weekdays and can simultaneously pursue their academic interests on weekends.

This is an advantage that the SIMS program offers over the other executive MBA in Pune. At the end of the course, a participant gains experience, as well as qualification and therefore, becomes eligible for better opportunities in the corporate world.

For professionals, the executive MBA in Pune by SIMS offers an excellent opportunity to learn and gradually become eligible for more rewarding career growth opportunities. Admissions to the executive MBA program happens through direct application. Interested applicants need to submit their duly filled application to the SIMS office. The admission committee will invite shortlisted participants for personal interview ensuring that the process remains fair as well as transparent giving interested students a genuine chance.

To know more about the executive MBA program, please visit


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