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When should you pursue an EMBA?

An executive MBA (EMBA) program is an excellent choice for those looking to make the next big move in their career. The program is for professionals who are keen to add an academic qualification to their CV and in turn, increase their growth opportunities. There are many colleges which offer an executive MBA in Pune and SIMS, Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, is one of them.
SIMS definitely stands out for its state of the art academic infrastructure. As part of their executive MBA in Symbiosis Pune, they give participants a chance to gain excellent exposure as well as training that can make a big difference in their career.
Being associated with the Symbiosis group, SIMS adheres to the principle of providing avant garde education and training through its executive MBA program. This knowledge equips aspiring managers to accelerate their career growth by empowering them with skills as well as knowledge.

Identifying the Dilemma
One of the major issues that various aspiring professionals with an interest in executive MBA in Pune are likely to face is regarding the right time to pursue the EMBA program. If you are a working professional, who has been struggling with similar doubts, the guidance by SIMS can surely give you a better clarity.
Ideally, learning is never age bound. But, there is always a fear that what happens if you pursue the EMBA later. To contradict the same, there are many who prefer to gain decent work experience before they can actually take up an executive MBA. After all, work experience does count!
Too soon or too late?
First things first, the exact time to pursue an Executive MBA is closely linked to the type of B School that you are targeting. For instance, reputed B schools like SIMS always insist on relevant work experience or industry exposure. So, it’s better to work for a few years and then aim for an EMBA admission.

Are you a leader?
Now, a leader does not have to simply lead the pack. He has to lead and work, as the situation demands. This is the type of exposure that you can only get from working in the corporate sector. And this is one of the many eligibility criterias that the admission to an EMBA program would require you to clear.

Do you need an EMBA?
Many a times, professionals end up following a mob blindly. If everyone in your office is getting ready for an EMBA, does not mean that you should also pursue it. The simple thing to remember is that think carefully if you actually need an EMBA for your chosen career path.
Remember that an executive MBA will help only if you are interested in the managerial aspects. When you are at this stage, you need to plan your career and avoid taking random decisions.

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