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Executive-MBA Verses MBA at SIMS Pune

It is not easy to make a decision when you need to go for MBA given the multitude of choices available in education sector these days. Out of the various management programs, the prime dilemma comes when one has to choose between MBA and EMBA. Usually, people go for MBA when they need a regular degree in management, however, EMBA or Executive MBA is recommended for professionals who need further grooming for taking up bigger responsibilities. But before you decide know that it is imperative to have passion to get on next ladder of management. See which of your nearby business schools are good at and see what best they have to offer. It is not the credentials of MBA that always matter, you can always go for part time MBA and EMBA (in case you are in a job) and get the kind of progress you need in future.
MBA – There are many who agree that going for top level b-schools actually increases the chances of a top level business school. But there are some others who believe it is not the school that matters. But as per experts, both opinions have equal weightage. Top schools offer best exposure, networking connections, as well as various other resources. A good school name can always prove more worthy in getting you better jobs and other opportunities. For example, if you pursue MBA from Symbiosis or even Executive MBA from Symbiosis, its global branding can help you in getting an edge over several other rivals and land you in some good place. It is also one of the best options if you plan to pursue Executive MBA in Pune or Hyderabad, the two biggest IT hubs of India, you can choose Symbiosis over all other schools. Even if you are planning to go for entrepreneurship, an MBA from a reputed school can always help in getting the better investors and capital for starting their own venture.
EMBA – EMBA on the other hand, has become one of the biggest attractions in last decade. However, there are some people who believe that ROI for such programs cannot be trusted given their high-end fees. When you need to go to other city for the classes once or twice every week, you need to add those expenses to it. The best benefits of these programs are comprehensive knowledge of your chosen domain, brand name, and excellent networking options. Taking the previous example again, those pursuing Executive MBA in Symbiosis, known for its global branding will offer you the best networking among professionals across the world. The class-in discussions are always intense and help in understanding the dynamics of management from a completely new perspective. And the best part you can always complete it while continuing your job.


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