SIMS Executive MBA :Helping professionals learn better!


Getting back to classroom is not always easy. You need to leave your life as a professional and accommodate the timings of your college. Some people find it so difficult to adjust that they give up on the idea completely and decide to spend life in the same category. The result is that in spite of the positions being available on a higher level, not many people are able to accelerate the growth of their career graph. Given this situations, the Executive MBA program offered by Symbiosis Institute Of Management Studies comes across as an excellent option for thousands of professionals struggling to break the glass ceiling.

The entire program is focused exclusively around catering to the needs of professionals. Every piece included in the curriculum takes into consideration the requirements of the industry. The training module is designed in a manner to accommodate the experience of the students and accordingly help them learn more about the industry. From classroom training to industry interface programs, the students are given every bit of exposure that helps them evolve into more responsible managers.

Additionally, the design of the curriculum makes it easier for students to get back to the classroom. Unlike a lot of other B schools, SIMS does not force you to start from the basics. Instead, the instructors teach them on a level that they are comfortable at. Even in case of doubts, students can always talk to the faculty and get it sorted.

An important feature of the program is that it is conducted on weekends for full days but the weekday classes are only in the evenings. You can always finish your day’s work and go for the class. The advantage is that there is no compulsion to leave your work and restrict yourself to the classroom. With the SIMS program, you can learn as well as earn experience. This makes it a profitable deal because at the end of it all you gain experience, expertise and qualification that surely play a pivotal role in helping you become a better professional.

You get to learn from experts and this could be your very first chance to establish a network of contacts in the industry. Whether you choose to utilize these contacts or not, is something that you will decide only with the passage of time but collecting them never goes waste.

So, if you are looking for that one window of opportunity to boost the growth of your career, SIMS Executive MBA could be your best chance.


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