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Management Studies: The Big Game Changer!

Executive MBA pune,Executive MBA,Executive MBA Symboisis,Executive MBA in symbiosis pune,Part time MBA in pune

Need for a manager is evident. After all, the corporate growth rate clearly indicates the hunger of the companies to grow. However, this growth is not possible unless it is supported by talent. At Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, the Executive MBA program is a specifically designed module that looks to addressing this dearth of talent in the industry. From core subjects like human marketing to understanding managerial principles, SIMS program is a holistic training approach that helps students add the much needed academic edge to their resume and therefore become eligible for better opportunities. Being associated to the prestigious Symbiosis University, SIMS makes it a point to offer quality education at affordable price so that a maximum number of students can avail the benefits.

The Symbiosis Tag

Studying the principles of management is important but from where you pursue these studies is also extremely important. As of now, SIMS is one of the big names in Maharashtra that specializes in offering this education. Additionally, with the Symbiosis tag on your resume, even corporate offices will be more willing to hear you out considering the reputation that the brand enjoys. Yes! Symbiosis is credited with being one of the top notch names when it comes to refining the way education happened in India. It is one of the few places dedicated to building a credible talent pool through it’s various courses helping industries grow faster.

No need to give up your job!

You may find it hard to believe but getting back to the classroom for the SIMS executive MBA program does not require you to leave your job. You can work and study at the same time. If you are wondering, how this is possible. The answer is simple. Classes are conducted in the evening giving you ample time to study during the day and pursue your job as well. Full day classes are conducted on weekends that give the students a chance to understand in depth the concepts that were difficult to grasp during the weekday classes.

Compulsory industry exposure

The teachers at SIMS are not ordinary faculty. They are seasoned academicians who have had ample exposure to the industry and are still active on several fronts when it comes to giving expert advice. This automatically increases the extent of industry exposure for students and contributes towards them becoming better managers. In fact, students also get a chance to build their contact with the crème de crème of the industry which may later on pave way for better growth opportunities.

What is the admission process?

Admissions to the SIMS Executive MBA program happen through direct application. Interested students need to send their application with the required attachments to the SIMS admissions office. For dates, deadlines and other details, we would strongly recommend you to visit the SIMS website. You can even get in touch with them in case of queries. Contacting them through email, phone or post will ensure that you get a reply as soon as possible!



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