Executive MBA: What is my ROI?

This is often heard as a question or dilemma bothering the people who can’t decide between choosing an Executive MBA program and studying further. Having doubts is good because it shows you are trying to understand the course rather than take random decisions based on the inkling of a mob. The reason for any academic pursuit including the executive MBA program at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies is not just adding a qualification to your CV. People study so that they become eligible for better opportunities, earn more money and therefore live a better life, isn’t it?

Even in case of the Executive MBA program, SIMS has to offer a similar incentive else why would students repeatedly choose it in order to pursue their academic interests?

In order to understand the returns on investment on an executive MBA program offered at SIMS, you need to understand the benefits that the program is offering. There may not be any direct returns. However, the program will surely impact your chances of earning more in the near future. Here is how this happens:

No need to leave your job: Most people assume that taking up an executive MBA program means taking a sabbatical from your regular career or job. At SIMS, this is not needed. You can pursue your job as well as the program simultaneously. Since classes are conducted in the evenings and on weekends, you wouldn’t miss out on any of the teaching part. Also, at the end of the program, you will have a degree as well as more experience automatically making you eligible for better career opportunities.

Better learning: The SIMS Executive MBA program is focused on teaching students or participants about the latest developments in the industry. From new techniques, to new methods, people get to broaden their thinking process and become better equipped to handle the challenges as a part of the corporate world. This automatically reflects in terms of an improved performance making you eligible for better job opportunities.

More exposure: At SIMS, it is a regular feature to have industry experts come forth and share insights with students. This helps them think better and understand the industry in a better way. Even the corporate interface programs which comprise of industry visits, working on live projects are specifically designed to give the students more exposure to the latest development in the industry.

Learn the art of management: Working in a team is easy but managing a team is a task, right? With the SIMS executive MBA program, you can learn the art of management. From basic managerial principles to path breaking concepts, there is a lot of help that this course can provide. Once again, the improvement happens from within and reflects on your overall performance making you eligible for better opportunities.

Though there is no full time placement assistance provided, the college does help students in securing upcoming opportunities wherever possible. So, for those who want to accelerate the growth of their career graphs, SIMS executive MBA is their best bet.


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