SIMS Executive MBA: Get an edge in the corporate world!

For professionals who are stuck with mundane jobs, the executive MBA program by SIMS is an excellent option to uplift their careers. Sometimes even when the experience is there, working professionals are unable to escalate the ladder due to the lack of educational qualification. SIMS helps students address this gap through it’s well researched Executive MBA training program. In line with the executive MBA Symbiosis principles, this program helps in equipping the students with the much needed professional training to prepare them for the challenges of the corporate sector. When it comes to the executive MBA in Symbiosis Pune, the professionals enrolling for the program are also given assurance of getting quality training in accordance to the latest standards prevalent in the industry.

Holistic education training!

The SIMS executive MBA program has a unique course structure that can be conveniently modified depending on the background of the participants enrolling for the program. After all, executive MBA program can’t be dealing with the same basics again and again. It is understood that the students are already familiar with the basics and need to learn about the advanced concepts. Basis this understanding, the course pattern is also altered helping them learn more. Additionally, unlike the other executive MBA in Pune options, SIMS provides a mix of managerial education and corporate interface so that the students get to maximize their ability to learn.

Get an edge over others!

With equal weightage to subjects like marketing, operation, finance and others, the executive MBA program at SIMS gives you the much needed competitive edge over your counterparts. Developing with the basic idea of helping professionals learn more, the executive MBA program contributes in developing a deeper and stronger understanding about the happenings of the industry. This automatically makes them eligible for better career opportunities. The program helps to develop a deeper understanding of the industry and also encourages students to take up entrepreneurship opportunities focusing on strengthening leadership skills.

No need to give up your job!

When you talk about a part time MBA in Pune, most people assume it to be the end of their career as they have to give up the job and get back to the classroom. What’s worst is the transition from all day work to all day class. Lastly, at the end of the program, there is no guarantee that they will secure a good job. The pursuit at SIMS is very different when compared to this general scenario. First things first, the SIMS executive MBA program does not require you to leave the job. Conducting classes in the evening and full day on the weekends, this program allows you to simultaneously pursue your academic interests and profession. Also, the SIMS faculty hosts ample number of corporate interface programs that allow students to develop their initial network so that they can use the same at the end of the program.

So, professionals who are looking for high quality management training and want to add the much needed weight to their resume, should enrol for the SIMS executive MBA program today!


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