5 reasons why the SIMS executive MBA in your best bet!

There was a time when graduation was consider the end of the story and so people seem to be pleasantly settled in their jobs. However, times changed and so did the requirements. The corporate world is no longer satisfied with people having a graduation degree. Yes! Graduates are offered jobs. But, these jobs are not well paying. In fact, people stuck with a simple job are often forced to upgrade their qualification in order to become eligible for higher managerial positions.

Given this situation, the Executive MBA programs offered by reputed institutes like Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies comes across as a reliable option helping students pursue their academic interest in order to become eligible for better career opportunities. This is not the only reason why professionals and management are in favour of the executive MBA program. For those who don’t know, here is a brief previewing of the reasons that makes SIMS a preferred choice:

Getting back to classroom is easier

Reputed B schools like SIMS understand the difference between a regular MBA program and an executive education option. While the regular MBA program deals with basics, SIMS executive MBA program takes into consideration the industry experience of the participants and accordingly prepares the curriculum. This means that the professionals don’t have to bore themselves with the basics that they already know when it comes to going to the executive MBA classroom.

Learning at it’s best

SIMS recruits the best in class pedagogy to ensure that the students get to learn from the experts. Right from regular classroom lectures to corporate interface programs, SIMS leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the welfare of students. As part of the course, the students are regularly encouraged to take up industry projects that help them learn more.

Most people wanting to pursue their job and education simultaneously never get a chance. You have to choose either one of the two. The result is that even if you may gain on the education, you lose out on the experience at the end of the course. However, SIMS takes care of this feedback and has accordingly designed it’s program in such a way that students can pursue their career as well as education!

More exposure to industry!

In addition to the best in class pedagogy, SIMS takes care to arrange several industry interactions that help students learn more. Be it the experts coming in to teach or host special lectures, the executive MBA participants get to familiarize themselves with the big names in the industry. This is actually like laying the foundations of a stronger professional network.

Round the clock faculty support

The classroom may have a time but students are always free to approach the faculty in case of any queries or doubts that need to be resolved as part of the course. This accessibility also aids in learning faster making it a beneficial option for the professionals enrolled into the executive MBA program.


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